I’ve been reading into the raw till 4 lifestyle a lot recently and been watching a lot of freelee’s videos…

This one just had me burst out crying, it’s got snippets from what I think is the documentary ‘Earthlings’ which I tried to watch before but couldn’t make it the whole way.

I know for a fact that I will never go back to eating meat, fish or any animal products. Β 

Even for those who eat ‘free-range’ or ‘happy’ animals, you’re still supporting an industry which is completely corrupt. Β 

Please give this video a watch!


So my middle school students are going to be fun. Korean co-teacher comes up to me and asks me very sternly why I said ‘shit face’ in my last lesson. I obviously respond telling her I’d never swear in front of children and would never say that word…The little shits.